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The PolyTrak Database Service is a repository of information for the Maine Coon Polydactyl Cat. 
The database portion is divided into three sections:

I.  Poly litter-tracking (Note: One or both parents must be polydactyl) which is broken into 4 sections:

II.  A Heritage section 
.  A Fancier Pet portion for ALL Maine Coon Polydactyls.   

     Some of this information will be used by the research community to better understand the genetics of the Maine Coon Polydactyl cat.  If you are a breeder, cattery, fancier or a pet owner  involved with the MC poly or lines we invite you to submit information to our database.  Should you have any questions you may email us at:

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PolyStandard is a group dedicated to the Acceptance of  The Maine Coon polydactyl and its inclusion in the Championship Show Rings around the World.
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