July 20, 2006:
PolyTrak's Kitty Chandler has been working with Dr. Lyons in behalf of MCPI and Maine Coon  Polydactyl  breeders and owners worldwide to continue the DNA testing on the polys.   This project was started in 2004 with DNA testing swabs being submitted to UC, Davis.  Many swab sample kits were sent from the California lab, some in bulk and some to individuals.  The return rate for these sample kits has not been great from what we understand.  PolyTrak will be assisting the staff of Dr. Lyon's in any way that we can to aid in this study.  In the past there has been a problem in getting the swab kits to people.  Now, with the ability to use Q-Tips and with the data collection capabilities of PolyTrak, we hope these DNA samples will be much easier to submit by breeders.  It is also hoped by simplifying the submission process many more samples will be available for testing.  A portion of the discussion is quoted below:

      I was just on the phone with UC Davis in the Lyons Den and spoke to Carolyn .... about swab kits for polydactyl litters.  She said we can use regular Q-tips cut in half to swab the litters and put each kitten or cat in an envelope marked with the cat info and send them in so they can bank them.  They do not have a student working on them yet. There is no charge ... besides the postage, Q-tips and time.   She said that from the litter tracking being done, (by PolyTrak) it was half the work along with the DNA so maybe we can get going on the study !! It would be a good idea maybe to put the kitten # that is assigned to the kitten from Polytrak to the swab then they can find out pedigree etc. Carolyn sounded very excited about it.

As you can see it is very important that as many people as possible submit to this study.  It can only add to the knowledge and understanding of the Polydactyl Maine Coon.  The kitten and cat numbers referenced above can be found in our database for those that have already submitted.  For those that have not submitted their poly litter information, along with the Cattery and the breeding Sire and Dam, please do so at your earliest convenience.  A unique cat number will be assigned for you.  

An instruction sheet for submitting the swabs (or Q-Tips) can be read by clicking here:  Instructions  Also the submission form can be viewed by clicking here:  Submission Form.  Either form can be downloaded and saved on your computer by right clicking on the links and select "Save Target As".  The PolyTrak Cat Number (if known) can go in the right hand column of the submission form.  The submission form is written by UC, Davis in Microsoft Excel.  To view or print the form you must have Microsoft Excel 2000 or above to view or print the form.  If you do not have Excel you may download a free viewer from Microsoft at this address:  MS Excel Viewer.

Here is the address for submitting the swabs!
Polydactyl Cat DNA Project: Leslie Lyons, Ph.D.
VM:PHR 1114 Tupper Hall
University of California , Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis , CA USA  95616

If you desire further information about Dr. Lyons and projects at UC, Davis you may visit the Lyon's Den Homepage at:  http://faculty.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/faculty/lalyons/Sites/LyonsDenHomepage.htm

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